Pre-Construction Site Condition Evaluation

Compiling an accurate assessment of the condition of all existing buildings, including roofs, finishes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, is an essential first step in developing an understanding of any risks associated with building adjacent to existing construction projects, wetlands, transit systems, etc.

Preparing this comprehensive site survey helps the client to define a realistically achievable work scope that is consistent with client and community priorities. 

The assessment, which includes cost analysis, prioritization of projects, and a required time frame for each project, is conducted in a multi-step process:

  •  Photographic documentation of the areas in their current condition.

  •  Coordination of the different design team architects and engineers for specific expert input.

  •  Coordination with insurance/risk management teams to ensure the project is properly covered.

  •  Continuous monitoring of the existing adjacent properties to ensure all temporary protection is performing as planned.

  •  Close-out and final inspection.