Value Engineering

Square Edge’s value engineering management focuses on meeting the functional requirements of the building at the minimum cost and highest quality with the input of the design team and contractors. Each building system and its components are analyzed for adequacy, efficiency, length of useful life and cost. Life cycle costs are established for alternative systems and components.

Our strength and proficiency of reviewing the various engineering disciplines, combined with daily hands-on practical experience, is a significant benefit to the owner.

Square Edge’s value engineering management focuses on information exploration, analysis, planning, market conditions and implementation. The information phases define, who the owner/users are and their needs and wants. The exploration phase is pursued to generate as many ideas as possible utilizing a brainstorming approach. These ideas are then evaluated and ranked for feasibility based upon project criteria. Market conditions include the pricing trends, lead times and reliability of quoted delivery.

The analysis phase includes a full review of the proposed changes with the design team and building operations department. The last phase, planning and implementation take the best ideas and provide an in-depth review for evaluation by the decision makers for final selection. When all changes are agreed, Square Edge will review the updated design documents to ensure the contract documents have incorporated all the changes accurately.